JTC Solutions Limited (JTCS) is an Information Technology based company established with a view to offer quality IT solutions. JTCS is keen to take the advantage of fast growing onshore technological requirements by offering professional service and price advantage solutions to the customers.

For the last three decades, particularly in the developed countries, organizations are increasingly adopting automation and computerization as a strategy to achieve organizational efficiency and to acquire competitive edge. These changes require vigorous customize software and hardware support.

JTCS also founded on principle that a support organization should have a technical service division that reflects solid, in-depth experience is IT industry. The ability to plan, implement and manage service program of complex environment is the result of our philosophy and commitment of excellence.

JTCS address the above through substantial investment in experienced personnel by providing training, equipment, accessories and gaining knowledge through affiliation with local and foreign companies.

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The Company’s mission statement has been set as “To provide state of art IT solutions with complete support services in this fast changing world of economy”

Our vision is to earn trust and reliability of our respected partners and clients by our proficiency, integrity, yearlong experience and cooperation. Introducing devoted solution team and solutions that are most appropriate for clients business.

The company’s main policy is to grow in dynamic and steady way. For this, the company give value to it’s human resources as the key component for it’s success. So, the company has set a policy to grow the knowledge of the human resources from the beginning level to expert and to retain them through different organizational culture.

Secondly, the company will give priority to the clients needs. To every single event for the client, the company gives specific attention and will solve it.

The Managing Director is responsible for the overall management under the direct supervision of the Board of Directors. The Chief Executive Officer is a technical person and purely software professional as well as experienced in Management, he is guiding both the technical and general staff of the company with prior approval from the board. The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer is maintaining liaison with Banks, Financial Institutions in all matters and is responsible to provide pertinent information, data, reports, etc., as and when deem essential. The company is maintaining standard accounting system and books of accounts.